One of Specials….

On many occasions I order products to test, or simply try out, it’s even been known for me to over order on the odd occasion, or I have products which have been ordered for bespoke jobs, which have been cancelled.

With this in mind, I normally sell them on at discounted prices, rather than hold them as stock.

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Is one of the most worldwide recognised brands in security, and is a leading innovator in CCTV and security products. With heavily invested research and development into their cutting edge and affordable technology.


Adata was founded in 2002, originating from an IT background with over 20 years’ experience, the company migrated into the evolving digital security market, where technologies were converging with the release of digital video recorders, replacing traditional analogue tape-based solutions.

In 2008 Adata went into partnership with QVIS Labs, this has developed into the Qvis brand as it stands today – one of the most worldwide recognised brands in security.