Dash Cam

Below are the details for this product, including accessories, Installation Instructions & Function Introduction.

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Why do you need a Dash Cam?

  1. Driving Accidents — in situations where on accident occurs, a Dash Cam can help by recording the facts.

2. Parking Accidents — Dash Cam can record if the vehicle is stuck while parked.

3. To record the scenery when you are driving, capturing the scenes you are missing.

Q & A’s

Battery: The built—in battery is just for emergency processing, it will not lost long, Please keep connected to power while recording.

Why Dash Cam battery won’t take a charge?

When the Dash Cam is recording with power on, the Dash Cam won’t show charging status.

Why does the screen say, “Low Battery” and turns off when power is off?

In all Dash Cams, it is a security setting. When your cars power is off, your Dash Cam will also turn off soon after, if the Dash Cam continued working, it may present potential safety hazard. When you want your Camera to keep working in parking situation, you should use a Hard Wire Kit cable to keep the power on.

Why doesn’t the battery in the Dash Cam last for long?

The Dash Cam has a built—in small battery just for emergency processing, such as, when your car suddenly is powered off, the Camera will protect the current video.

Due to this the Dash Cam will show “won’t take o charge” and “Low Battery” after power goes off. If you need to replay the video in a critical situation, you can turn the camera back on and replay the video for some minutes.

Micro Card, (NOT INCLUDED): The Dash Cam requires a High Speed Class 10 Branded Micro SD/TF Card. Maximum Support 32GB

Before Use: Format SD card before recording and reset the Dash Cam

After installation: Plug in the included car charger, and connect the Dash Cam via the USB cable. Dash Cam will record automatically when vehicle ignition is turned on.

How to install the Dash Cam:

  1. Peel off the protective film for the Camera and suction cup
  2. Slot the bracket onto the Camera and make sure it is secure
  3. Fix the Camera to the windshield using the suction cup provided

We suggest installing Dash Cam behind the rear-view mirror

(Note: Please do not install Dash Cam on the Windshields black area, this may result in the Dash Cam falling down easily. Please do not push too hard on the suction cup when installing).

How to install the charging cable:

Route the power cable as pictured below, where possible tuck the wire into the interior trim to keep the cable neat and tidy.

Note: Automatic On/Off:

When the car started, the Camera will automatically start and record. When the car is turned off, the Dash Cam will automatically save the recording and turn itself off.


The Dash Cam has a 12 Month warranty, however if the Dash Cam is a free gift. Then in accordance to our terms and conditions, the Dash Cam will carry NO warranty.