Qvis is one of the most worldwide recognised brands in security, and is a leading innovator in CCTV and security products.

With heavily invested research and development into their cutting edge and affordable technology, Sutterton Surveillance Systems has been a successful and proud installer of the Qvis brand since our start-up.

OYN-X is a trusted CCTV brand from an internationally recognised UK distributor and manufacture.

Who have used their experiences and expertise to deliver CCTV products featuring the very latest technological features, buy investing heavily in research & development.

Hikvision: the world’s biggest CCTV, NVR and DVR brand by global sales.

Founded in 2001 Hikvision grew from a minor regional player to the biggest video surveillance brand in the world in a staggeringly short space of time.
Much of the company’s strength lies in its willingness and ability to reach new customers through an extensive network of technology and distribution partners, ranging from global giants like ADI right down to local players in individual countries such as WDC Networks in Brazil


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