Tool Theft from Vans

As a tradesperson, you rely on your tools to do your job, and your van to get to those jobs. So if those things were stolen from you, it would have a huge impact on your ability to work.

It has been recently reported that there’s been a steep increase in the theft of tools from vans over the last few years, and for tradespeople, these statistics are particularly concerning.

The statistics

  • A van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK.
  • In 2016 the cost of tool theft claims across the trade industry was £2.8million, and by 2017 there was a 30% increase in tool theft.
  • The average value of a tool theft claim is £1,626.
  • Yorkshire and the Midlands are the areas most at risk of tool theft

5 Ways to keep your tools safe

There are many ways to try keep your tools safe, from rigging your van doors with 1000v, to a simple alarm.

Check out the video, may give you some ideas.


Also check out Facebook group: ‘Stolen Trade Tools Uk’

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What Knot’s

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